Midnight Sun Summer School

Unique opportunity to take part in the world famous Finnish teacher training.

May 13th - 17th 2019
Registration is now open!

The annual Summer School is organised for the second time in Oulu, Finland on May 13th-17th 2019.

Our aim is successful education through transversal competences! Midnight Sun Summer School 2019 aims to enhance the participantsí professional learning.

During a one week course participants will get a chance to learn and to get experience about pedagogical guidelines, practices, methods, tools and learning spaces.

The heart of the course builds on new Finnish Core Curriculum, but is not limited to that.

The emphasis will be placed on transversal competence, which includes thinking and learning-to-learn, interaction and expression skills, multiliteracy, managing daily life and taking care of oneself, ICT competence, working life competence and entrepreneurship as well as participation, involvement and building a sustainable future. All these competences are seen meaningful for pupils of the 21st century.

See you in Midnight Sun Summer School!

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