Online webinars and training courses for groups

Oulu University Teacher Training School offers online webinars and training sessions for educators.

We offer in-service training of a variety of topics.

  1. Assessment for Learning
  2. Co-teaching
  3. Positive Education
  4. Outdoor Education
  5. Supporting Students’ Learning Processes
  6. Teaching Thinking
  7. Pedagogics in English Language

We are also happy to hear your wishes and interests in case you cannot find a relevant topic for you from the list.
Feel free to contact us and let us know what topic would be relevant to your organisation's needs.

The length of each seminar can be arranged according to your needs. We can send you more information about the online seminars.
Please, note that the seminars are targeted to groups only.

Contact us! 


Teaching Methods

  • Orientation materials to provide information about the theme.
  • A series of real-time, interactive and video lectures.
  • Study materials as reference materials for the theme.
  • Content related assignments, exercises to apply new skills into own work and context.
  • Reflection sessions to gain different perspectives with your colleagues.

Teaching Media

Articles, online training sessions, videos, websites, and personal memos including reflections from training sessions and group work.

Measurement and evaluation of participant achievement

Oulu University Teacher Training School provides certificates for all participants who have successfully accomplished the training. 

Participant’s achievement is measured and evaluated by

  • Completion of given exercises
  • Participation in group work
  • Attending the course sessions.

The Course is graded on a pass/fail basis. Participants must have attended all course sessions to pass.

Benefits to schools and teachers

The objectives of the course are to enhance teachers’ competences and improve quality of learning outcomes. 

We aim to incorporate active learning model by engaging teachers directly in designing new practices and applying the practices with their students.