Oulu University Teacher Training School

Would you like to learn about Finnish Education?

We believe in collaboration, it takes a whole village to educate one child! Oulun University's Teacher Training School's Global Education Services are for teachers, principals, teacher trainers, students, researchers, decision makers and other educators.

We organise international conferences and seminars to educators about the Finnish Education Policies and Practices.

Our core competence in pre-service and in-service teacher education guarantees you a high quality learning experience. Read more about our courses and events below.

Northern Lights Education Conference

Learn about Finnish Education while enjoying a real Finnish winter close to the Arctic Circle!

Midnight Sun Summer School

Unique opportunity to take part in the world famous Finnish teacher training.

Colours and Shadows - Deep Glance in Modern Pedagogy

Enjoy the crisp cool autumn with beautiful colours and shadows of the North!

Let Us Tailor a Course Based on Your Needs

Build Your Professional Competence with the Finnish Experts!
January 16th - 17th 2019
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May 13th - 17th 2019
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September 24th - 26th 2019

High Quality Finnish Teacher Training

Oulu University Teacher Training School is part of the Faculty of Education at the University of Oulu, Finland.

Our history dates back to 1609 when Pedagogy of Oulu was founded. Today we in Oulu University Teacher Training School regard diversity of life, equality and community spirit as essential values.

Our safe and forward-looking school works for diverse human growth and development in order for our students to become widely able and responsible members of society.

As a UNESCO-school we belong to a global network of schools addressing global challenges: building global citizenship and promoting sustainable development.

The purpose of Oulu University Teacher Training School is to offer high quality basic education as well as upper secondary education to organise supervised teacher training for both class teacher students (Primary School) and subject teacher students (Secondary and Upper Secondary School) to develop and implement researchbased teacher training to offer high-class in-service training for teachers and educators worldwide.