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Online Training Course

Courses are available for individuals and groups!


Oulu University Teacher Training School has launched a new online in-service training programme.

The training is targeted to educators who would like to learn more about the Assessment for Learning.
The content is organised into themes which all cover a number of independent modules of 1-20 study hours each.
The total number is 81 study hours.

The course includes the following eight modules:

1) Purpose of Assessment and Assessment culture that supports learning

2) Nature and general principles of assessment

3) Basing assessment on objectives and criteria

4) Accounting for the age and capabilities of the pupils and versatile assessment practices

5) Developing the preconditions for self-assessment

6) Assessment objects

7) Assessment during studies

8) Focused dialogue


The modules support a focused approach that form a set of foundational assessment skills.

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Dr. Raimo Salo

Global Partnerships Manager

+358 50 51 671 79


University of Oulu is audited by Finnish Education Evaluation Centre (FINEEC)


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