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Diploma Programme in Education Management and Leadership includes nine courses.
You can choose from one to nine online courses based on your own interests. 
Each course can be studied separately.

You can study the Diploma Programme at your own pace. 
Each self-paced course of 40 study hours can be completed in two months. 
The fee per course is 890,00 euros + VAT 24 %.

The 100 % online programme can be completed alongside full-time work. 
Experience the comfort of online learning, studying at your own pace, time and location. 


Course 2. Pedagogical Leaderhip starts in November

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The pilot course "2. Pedagogical Leadership" is one of of the nine courses available and it begins on November 17th 2020.

The course 2. Pedagogical Leaderhip consists of topics:

  • Introduction to broad based pedagogical leadership
  • Direct pedagogical leadership
  • Indirect pedagogical leadership via structures  
  • Indirect pedagogical leadership via leading human resources 
  • Cultural dimension of broad-based pedagogical leadership  

Good to know about the course 2. Pedagogical Leadership:

  • The course consists of 40 study hours.
  • You can study the course at your own pace.
  • Start date: November 17th 2020. 
  • End date: January 17th 2021.
  • The course fee is 890,00 euros + VAT 24 %.
  • Registration for the pilot course is now open until November 10th 2020!
  • Please, find the registration form here.


Diploma Programme in Education Leadership and Management comprises of three themes and nine separate courses. 

THEME 1: Leadership and Management in the 21st century
Course 1: Organisational Management and Leadership
Course 2: Pedagogical Leadership
Course 3: Philosophy and Ethics in Leadership
Course 4: The Power of Positive Leadership

THEME 2: Successful Leadership and Management in Education
Course 5: Tools for a Successful Leader
Course 6: Quality Management
Course 7: Management by Development and Change

THEME 3: Educational Management and Administration
Course 8: 21st Century Learning, Curriculum Design and Implementation
Course 9: Wellbeing, Competences and Inclusive Working Culture

You can read descriptions of each course from here.


Learn new theoretical approaches and practical competence through top-class lectures, workshops and professional materials to be combined with your own work context.

Receive a Certificate from each online course by the University of Oulu, Finland.

Our high-quality set of courses in Leadership and Management in Education are a perfect career boost for anyone working in or aiming to pursue a career in the leadership and management positions in education.
There are altogether nine courses that will provide you an opportunity to develop your professional competence and advance in the highly competitive labour market.


What you will learn: 

Participants, who have successfully completed the Diploma programme in Education Leadership and Management and have committed on all assignments with diligence are among all competent to: 

  • Understand and utilise the theoretical background of education leadership and management provided throughout the programme 
  • Support various organisational processes, such as growth and change
  • Recognise and understand the role of leadership and management in organisations
  • Develop their own pedagogical leadership and management skills
  • Learn from various experts in the field of education, leadership and management
  • Support the wellbeing in an organisation and create an inclusive organisational culture. 

The Diploma Programme is qualified as in-service training and does not provide a degree or a formal qualification.

After we have confirmed your place the registration is binding. 

Notifications, amendments and cancellations must be made in writing by e-mail to Oulu University Teacher Training School tts ( a t )

The fee for any amendments or cancellation is 50 € / registration. 



Dr. Raimo Salo

Senior Adviser

+358 50 51 671 79


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