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Online Mentoring Training Modules

Courses are available for individuals and groups!


Oulu University Teacher Training School has launched a new online in-service training programme.

The training is targeted to mentors who support their colleagues in the field of education.
The content is organised into themes which all cover a number of independent modules of 2-4 study hours each.

There are several modules to choose from in each theme.

Theme "The professional identity of a mentor" includes modules

  • Key Principles Behind High Quality Mentoring
  • Learner-centered and context-specific mentoring
  • From teacher to mentor – shifting professional identity
  • Building mentor’s professional identity

Theme "Mentoring and Reflection" covers

  • The critical role of reflection in professional development
  • Developing mentee-initiated reflection in mentoring through practical research
  • Tools to assist novice teacher reflection from practice
  • Fostering reflective learning community in mentoring

Theme "Newly qualified teachers as mentees" will give participants knowledge about

  • Newly qualified teachers’ challenges and resources
  • Newly qualified teachers as members of the work community
  • Addressing emotions in mentoring newly qualified teachers
  • Newly qualified teachers and students’ parents

The modules support a focused approach that form a set of foundational mentoring skills.

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Dr. Raimo Salo

Team Leader

+358 50 51 671 79


University of Oulu is audited by Finnish Education Evaluation Centre (FINEEC)


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